It Might Be To Early But #MCM ! This Guy Right Here! Hard Working! Motivated! Gets Shit Done! 21. No Kids. Business And Magazine Owner! College Graduate! Not To Mention A Mechanical Engineer. He’s Came A Long Way! From Being In Foster Care, Group Homes, Shit Even Homeless. And Now Someone People Look Up Too. Ok Let Me Stop Talking About Myself In 3rd Person! But Yup I’m Forever Going To Be My #MCM I’ve Never Let My Past Hold Me Back And I Won’t Start Today! Trust Me If You Want Something Bad You’ll Do What It Takes To Get It! FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! Shout Out To All The People I’ve Met On The Journey I’ve Been On, And Still Support And Believe In Everything That I’m Doing! Real Shit It’s Not To Many But Y’all Know Who Y’all Are!!! #MCM #Monday #August #Photographer #Business #RawVisionz #GoldStone #ToraWhite #Support #Dreams #Life

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