I swear I can’t wait til August to shoot with @bg_illustratedwoman @bg_illustratedwoman For @rawvisionzmag @rawvisionzmag and to turn up for my birthday ! Yes it’s real… Who’s going to Cali with me? Hit me up

I remember it like yesterday. You were her skating with us all at my party. Then 4 days later I get the news. This shit be heavy on my mind everyday. Never talk life for granted cherish your close ones because tomorrow isn’t promised. I just wish you was still her to go skating with. #MyLitteSkater #RIP #Brandy #BBanks #Queen #MissYou 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 This Why I Be Up Late Just Thinking….. #CherishLife As It Is Cause You Never Know What Tomorrow Will Bring 😥😥

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